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66% Stealth Ogre 66 (mini)
Exhibit #3049
ShapeConcave )-(
PackagingDisplay Boxed
ConstructionMulti-piece metal
Diameter38 mm
Width28 mm
Weight62 gm
ConditionMint in Package
OwnerRick Brough

The fourth release from 66percent and sold exclusively by Spingear of Japan, is the SY-066 Stealth Ogre 66. It is a bimetallic model created in collaboration with the high-end Japanese yo-yo brand known as STURM PANZER. The yo-yo was machined by Mitsumi-Seisakusho Co., Ltd. in the Katsushika ward of Japan. (http://www.mitsumi-seisakusyo.co.jp/). This same manufacturer also made fidget spinners for Spingear.

The body shape of this model is true to the body shape of the full-size Stealth Ogre, while also maintaining stability and power spins for such a miniaturized version. Approximately 76% of the total yo-yo's weight is concentrated in the rim. The Ogre 66 came in raw silver/gold rims (12 total pieces), Spingear red (33 total pieces), and original Stealth Ogre purple (63 total pieces). The purple version was the standard model with the largest production number. The color Spingear red was a Sturm Panzer collaboration color with Spingear and does not appear in the Sturm Panzer comic book series but Spingear suggested you use your imagination to envision the red yo-yo as stained in blood; its "anti-jamming system" going out of control and entering red alert mode. The raw color is the same as the prototype versions and had the least number produced for release.

Characterized as an "H-profile" yo-yo, the main body halves were made from 6061 aluminum. The rims are made from solid brass and have a very thin plating of 18K gold which will eventually wear off with repeated use of the yo-yo. The gold plating helps prevent the brass from tarnishing or making your hand smell metallic as brass is known to do. Uses a super high-quality size A flat ball bearing axle from NSK Micro of Japan. The response system uses 66percent-branded pads. The yo-yo included 2 side caps that were enclosed in the display box but intentionally not installed. If you do install the sidecaps, it takes a suction cup to remove them. Uses a tiny M4 x 6 mm axle screw.

The Stealth Ogre 66 also came with a mini booklet that was meant more as a companion design manual for collectors. The booklet is A6 format and contains 22 black and white pages. Unlike the manga story books that come with each full-size Sturm Panzer yo-yo, the mini booklet that came with this model does not have a storyline. Rather the booklet is filled primarily with the mechanical (CAD) drawings made by Mitsumi Seisakusho of various Sturm Panzer yo-yo models such as the following:

-Stealth Ogre (SY-001)
-Stealth Ogre MK-â…¡ (SY-001)
-Stealth Ogre 66 (SY-066)
-Schneider Blade Attack Mode (SY-006)
-Schneider MK-â…¡ (SY-003/6)
-S2 Blade Attack (DX-1000)
-Yukiko (RY-007)

Also released at the same time as the Stealth Ogre 66 was the Eclipse Ogre Luna (34 total pieces) and Eclipse Ogre Ray (33 total pieces). The Eclipse Ogre Luna and Ray versions had the exact same specifications as the Stealth Ogre 66. However, they each came in a pink body/gold rims (Luna) and green body/gold rims (Ray) and the side cap printing used a different name, color, and design. The Eclipse Ogre Luna and Ray versions were sold exclusively as a pair only. However, Spingear stated that if, after one year, there are sets of the yo-yos remaining in inventory, they will sell the yo-yos individually. As of November 16, 2017, a little more than two weeks after their release, all models and sets were sold out. They were later restock and as of November 30, 2018, the pink and green editions were still available.

Collected November 2, 2017

Original retail price: 9900 Yen (about $90 US, November 2, 2017)

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