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Duncan Whistling, starburst
Exhibit #3014
ShapeStandard (-)
ConstructionMulti-piece metal
Diameter51 mm
OwnerRick Brough

A genuine Duncan tin lithographed yo-yo in tournament style. There are four pairs of holes in the tin; two pair on each halve. When the yo-yo was spinning it emitted a high-pitched sound. A steel axle joined the two halves. When collecting any tin yo-yo, ensure that the halves are securely fastened to the axle. It's not uncommon to find halves that slightly rotate on the axle, making them less desirable and more prone to breakage. Since the 1930s, "Walk the Dog" on a street or sidewalk was (and probably still is today) the most popular yo-yo trick among children. As a result, many of these tin yo-yos (including wooden yo-yos) suffered considerable paint loss around the outer rim area while the face of the yo-yo remained relatively unscathed. The yo-yo in this exhibit was no exception! Brand new Duncan tin yo-yos are very difficult to find.

This Starburst model has "Reg.US.PAT.OFF." printed just below "Yo-Yo" but no "PAT.PEND" as on earlier tin models. Originally came with a Duncan brand 100% Egyptian cotton string. These yo-yos were sold from a Duncan counter display with nine to a box.

Original retail price: 15¢ US.
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Side A, large
Side B, large

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