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Duncan 2 strings for 10 cents
Exhibit #2987
OwnerRick Brough

Duncan yo-yo replacement strings for all Duncan yo-yos. Cellophane package of two 100% Egyptian cotton strings for ten cents. From around 1959-1960. No printing on the back.

This version of the Duncan cellophane string package is very hard to find (the Condition rating of 9 takes this into account). The bellboy-looking Mr. Yo-Yo on the package is a very early rendition of the character originally created by Chicago native Morrie Brickman for Duncan. Mr. Brickman was a syndicated cartoonist whose comic strip "Small Society" included characters who had similar appearances to Mr. Yo-Yo. Mr. Brickman died 1994 in Evanston, Illinois at the age of 76. The version of Mr. Yo-Yo seen in this exhibit is one of the first versions of the character to appear on a Duncan product. It was soon replaced by an updated version seen on this Duncan string package in blue from around 1961 and this one in red from around 1963.
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Package front, large

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