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Zipline Strings String Thing 1 - Slushy Edition
Exhibit #2984
OwnerRick Brough

A Zipline String Thing 1 with four "Slushy Edition Strings".

From the Zipline Strings website:
"We dreamed these up with our good friend and wizard, Taylor, and the next thing we knew, BAM - here they are!!!
- What are they? Well, the short answer is that they are 'yoyo string organizer carrier thingies'.
- String Thing 1 is the ultimate string every day carry. It holds four boutique yoyo strings in an aesthetically pleasing fashion. There’s just something quite satisfying and therapeutic about carefully winding and unwinding your strings into the perfectly cut grooves on the plastic disk, especially if you’re OCD! It’s also cool for making up groovy crisscross string patterns while your bored :)
- String Thing 2 is designed to be a cool way of storing and carrying around up to 8 yoyo strings, keeping them freshly organized, and minimizing that tangled mess in your yoyo bag!"

Original retail price: $10.50 US
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