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BC/What's Next Phantom - No. 24
Exhibit #2980
ShapeStandard (-)
PackagingBubble Carded
ConditionMint in Package
OwnerRick Brough

The Phantom No. 24 marked the last model in the Phantom series before BC closed its doors to business. It also marked the end of an era. That of traditional, Tournament style wooden yo-yos, the staple of yo-yo play for more than 70 years. In its place came the dead response metal yo-yo.

The Phantom was a classic wooden yo-yo that did not require a special string or special response pads to make the yo-yo return to your hand. It was yo-yo play in its purest and most challenging form. It took the strength of your throw and your precise ability to perform a single trick or two before you gave it a simple tug to have it return to your hand; usually within 10-12 seconds.

The number 24 model is hard to find.

Compare with Phantom No. 21, No. 22, and No. 23.

Collected September 28, 2017.

Original retail price: $5 US.
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Package front, large
Package back, large

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