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Pacific Trading Cards Yo-Yo Man - Andy Griffith Show
Exhibit #2888
OwnerRick Brough

The Andy Griffith Show collector trading cards included a total of 110 cards in each of the three separate sets. Each card depicted various characters and scenes from one of the most popular shows to air on television in the USA. One of these cards was "Yo-Yo Man" #311 that came out in the series 3 set. The front depicts the character Opie Taylor (played by Ron Howard) using a yo-yo on a very long string and Barnard P. Fife (aka Barney, played by Don Knotts) kneeling, looking up at Opie. The back of the card reads:

"Opie and Barney are a lot alike. Granted, Opie may be a bit more mature, but they both enjoy toys and games. Barney may be no match against Opie in checkers, but he still thinks he can show him a thing or two about the 50-yard dash.

Barney also obliges Opie with instructions on how to use a slingshot and throw a football. Fortunately, Opie doesn't depend on Barney for all of his instructions."

The collector cards were released in 1990 by Pacific Trading Cards, Inc. of Lynnwood, Washington. The pictures on the front of the cards came from promotional items and from photo stills taken during the show's production (1960-1968).

See an alternate outtake picture of Opie yo-yoing in the exhibit below.
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Card front, large
Card back, large

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Yo-Yo Man outtake
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