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Duncan Yo-Yo Champion plaque
Exhibit #2887
OwnerRick Brough

A Duncan Yo-Yo Champion plaque with the Duncan Mr. Yo-Yo Man in raised relief. From the early 1960s. What appears to be a gold colored metal frame with a paper insert is actually a single piece of very thick poster board covered front and back with an adhesive-backed silver foil. The relief design was then stamped onto it and gold, red, and white enamel applied. The facsimile signatures of Don Duncan, Jr., President, and John J. (I.?) Duncan, Vice President were added to the lower right corner of the plaque.

The small rectangle area at the middle bottom of the plaque was used to hand write the name of the champion.

Around the same time frame as this plaque, a wide variety of Duncan-branded items were given away to yo-yo champions. They ranged from iron-on patches, to silk-screened t-shirts, cloth patches, and trophies. Pins, ribbons, or sometimes both were used to also reward players. Even special award yo-yos were made and given away. Based on this variety, it's not very clear when or why a particular award item was used over another. Some of them may have been awarded only in a certain region of the country.
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Plaque front, large
Plaque back, large

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