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Theodore D. Whitten Illustrated Pro-Yo Trick Bible
Exhibit #2830
OwnerRick Brough

The second edition of The Illustrated Pro-Yo Trick Bible, Volume One was written by Theodore (Ted) Whitten and published January 1999--during the yo-yo boom in North America and Japan. It was a comprehensive book explaining a wide variety of yo-yo tricks in text-intensive form and illustrations. Spiral-bound for ease of use. Volume one was geared toward beginners of yo-yo play and included basic yo-yo setup, and illustrations of core, fundamental yo-yo tricks. To my knowledge, there was never been any additional volumes printed, although the author claimed that volume two was in the works and would be published within the next 6 months. That was about 20 years ago.

From wikitree.com explaining the book's title:
"[The book was] named The Illustrated "Pro-Yo" Trick Bible only because this title was suggested by Tom Van Dan Elzen, who at the time owned the Playmaxx Yo-Yo Company, and it was thought to be understood (though no written contract existed) that the book would be a product of Playmaxx, who would market it as part of their line of YoYos and accessories. Pro-Yo was the trademark brand name of the Playmaxx corporation (now owned by Duncan Yo-Yos). Disappointingly, after the books were printed, Tom clarified that he had no interest in publishing or selling the book. The timing of this information was unfortunate, and Ted was stuck marketing the books on his own, and forever trying to explain why the title said "Pro-Yo" instead of "Yo-Yo", and whether the book was only [pertinent] to users of the Pro-Yo brand of Yo-Yos ..and.. also had to answer to the Duncan company, who later purchased Playmaxx and the Pro-Yo brand, and found Ted's book and site on the internet, and were concerned about illegal use of their brand [They accepted Ted's explanation, and Ted's promise to change the "Pro-Yo" to "Yo-Yo" in the title of the book, as soon as the current batch of books was sold.]."

Original retail price: $12 US.
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