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Cayo Manufacturing Flyer and letter (1932)
Exhibit #2793
OwnerRick Brough

Business letter to Mr. M. S. Woods of The M. S. Woods Company, Chattanooga, Tennessee from Julius N. Cayo, President of the Cayo Manufacturing Company of Benton Harbor, Michigan.

The letter was most likely typed and handsigned by Julius N. Cayo's personal secretary (whose initials are LR), despite the handwritten "JN Cayo" at the lower-right corner of the letter.

The letter points out that The M. S. Woods Company use novelties to give away with the purchase of one of their products. Mr. Cayo suggests that Mr. Woods make a bulk purchase of their Musical Ka-Yo yo-yo to use as a give away. The business end of the letter is discussed first. The latter half of the letter talks at some length about the yo-yo itself and its operation, including its musical (read: whistling) feature.

A very interesting look into business correspondance from a company that made, among other things, tin yo-yos. This letter was created approximately 3 years after Donald Duncan Sr. began popularizing yo-yo across the USA.

Barbara Baker was the great uncle of Julius N. Cayo. She states that, "[Julius] was an amazing inventor of many household items and toys. He worked with Duncan actually helping with [yo-yo] design variations. He also went to England and was the manager overseeing the construction of Duncan's yo-yo manufacturing plant. Julius invented and manufactured the rubber strip on the dustpan, the machinery to make paper lampshades to replace the more expensive fabric ones. My mother use to say that everyone could afford something for a nickel or a dime, so he tried to make toys, and everyday items for the everyday people. As a girl I loved hearing the stories about how he invented an item and then tools and machines to mass produce them. Julius and his family were French Indian mixed blood. Or known as Metis originally from Canada."

Julius was born in 1886 and died Wednesday, 2:00 p.m., September 8, 1971 at the age of 85 at Mercy Hospital. His home was at 1126 East Empire Avenue, Benton Harbor.
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Cover letter flyer, large
Letter, Tuesday, January 26, 1932

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