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YoYoFactory Loop 1080 - Shaqler (glow)
Exhibit #2757
TypeSpecial Release
PackagingDisplay Boxed
ConstructionMulti-piece plastic
Diameter58 mm
Width33 mm
GapAdjustable - Spacers
Weight51 gm
ConditionMint in Package
OwnerRick Brough

The Loop 1080 is based on Shu Takada's favorite 2A looping throw, the Loop 900. Using the 900 as a base, Takada reformed the design to improve its performance and make the 1080 one of the better looping yo-yos at the time (2015).

Like the Loop 900, the 1080 uses the nylon spacer raider, with a small plastic spacer and a metal bearing. This spacer is different from the one in the 900. You use YoYoFactory's adjustment key to change the width of the yo-yo's string gap. The internals are further improved, allowing the gap to open slightly during play, which gives you finer control and spin than a fixed gap width.

Takada and YoYoFactory worked closely together on improvements and prototypes until they found the right combination for the perfect looping yo-yo. With the adjustable gap and options for strings and lubricants, there are endless combinations for you to try. Comes with a white/blue/black mixed color string.

The gap comes set at the narrowest setting. The adjustment key is the same size as the one made for Loop 900.

The Loop 1080 model was discontinued by YoYoFactory sometime in mid to late 2017. It was replaced by the Loop 2020 model that came out in September, 2018.

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Original retail price: $24 US.
Other Views
Package front, large
Side A, close-up
Side B, close-up
Package back

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