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Soul Fuel Skill Toys Archaic
Exhibit #2703
ShapeStandard (-)
ConstructionThree piece wood
Diameter56 mm
Width32 mm
Weight52 gm
OwnerRick Brough

Soul Fuel Skill Toys began in May, 2017 and is India's first skill toy company. Their freshman yo-yo offering included three models.

The model in this exhibit is the Archaic. A fixed axle, take-apart design handmade from a single five foot block of the highest quality imported Tanzanian Teak wood. The initial block of wood is turned on a traditional Indian lathe. Then, each yo-yo halve is machined on a manual lathe. The halves are sanded by hand and polished with a custom wax polish that consists of beeswax and three natural oils. The polish not only protects and beautifies the teak wood, it also imparts a pleasing fragrance. A beautiful, balanced yo-yo.

Each yo-yo came with a handmade, water resistant laminated jute bag, two strings, Soul Fuel stickers, and an extra axle. To my knowledge, these are the first production yo-yos made from teak.
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