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Hasbro Metal Max Tornado - Level 4
Exhibit #2684
ShapeConcave )-(
PackagingDisplay Boxed
ConditionMint in Package
OwnerRick Brough

An interesting and innovative design from Auldey and sold by Hasbro. Considered a level 4 yo-yo (intended for experienced/advanced players of dead response yo-yos), the Metal Max Tornado used a size C, concave 10-ball bearing axle, and Auldey-branded response pads. The body is CNC metal with red and orange anodizing and allowed for faster, smoother tricks. The side of each halve is entirely covered by a clear, slightly concave plastic "cap". The cap functions like a super oversized Z-stack seen on some YoYoFactory models. In fact, the cap actually extends slightly over the rim which means you can balance the yo-yo on its edge, while it is still spinning. You can also hold the yo-yo by the caps using your index finger and thumb while it is still spinning to open up other possibilities of creative play. Basically, it was capable of spinning on multiple surfaces, including the palm of your hand.

Despite the packaging showing a Level 5 (Master), no such yo-yo was ever released by Hasbro/Auldey. This Level 4 yo-yo was the highest available level and the most expensive of the Blazing Team product line of yo-yos.

The product line, combined with the animated series, filled a market niche in that their yo-yos were designed with young children in mind who were new to yo-yo play; they were affordable, fun, and interesting to use. The yo-yos helped children develop their hand/eye coordination, and the discipline needed to master a skill. As young players became accomplished, they would build more confidence at each stage or level. At the time, there was no other yo-yo product line quite like it.

From the Hasbro website for the Metal Max Tornado:
"Work to find inner balance and unleash the powers of light and darkness with Blazing Team! Based on the popular Blazing Team TV show, Blazing Team toys let kids become their own masters of Yo Kwon Do, practicing exciting tricks and spinning their skills into action.

Kids can continue their training with the Metal Max Tornado toy that lets kids practice tricks and spins! The Metal Max Tornado toy's metal construction allows for high-performance tricks and faster, smoother moves. With multi-surface, 360-degree action, the Metal Max Tornado toy gives Blazing Team trainees countless opportunities to expand their skills and bring their Yo Kwon Do expertise to a whole new level!"

Compare with the Chinese Auldey-made "Blaze Soul" or "Flame Soul" or Fire Spirit.
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