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Hildy Brothers Recess Skateboard Currier
Exhibit #2673
ShapeConcave )-(
ConstructionThree piece wood
OwnerRick Brough

The original "Currier" was a wooden butterfly yo-yo with body halves glued to the axle. The model has been a part of the Hildy Brothers product line-up since about 2012.

The latest Currier model, as seen in this exhibit, marks the next design evolution with the new take-apart body to make string tangles easier to remedy. While somewhat similar to a modular Tom Kuhn 3-in-1, this model does not have an exposed hex nut on each body halve. As such, you can only assemble a butterfly configured yo-yo.

A cross-collaboration between two yo-yo businesses: Hildy Brothers and Recess International. The butterfly "Recess Skateboard Currier" has a composite body made from skateboard decks that were supposedly "used" by Recess employees Tyler Severance and Joe Wilson. The maple cap on each halve includes the logo stamp of each company. Laminated colors varied from yo-yo to yo-yo. The response system is a circular pattern of eight small, concave dimples on each halve.

Collected March, 2017.
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Side B, angled
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