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Duncan Trick Book (2013)
Exhibit #2671
OwnerRick Brough

Duncan Yo-Yo Trick book that covers a range of basic and advanced tricks; 64 pages. Written by Steve Brown, a professional yo-yo player since 1995 and inventor of the Duncan Freehand, a popular counterweight yo-yo. Illustrated by Li H. Shyu. Li also created the artwork used on the product cards for the Duncan Sportsline yo-yos that were revived in 2003 after a 40 year hiatus.

Some of the tricks covered in this book include: Sleeper, Forward Pass, Walk the Dog, Creeper, Around the World, Skyrocket, Skin the Cat, Pinwheel, Inside Loops, Outside Loops, Shoot the Moon, Rock the Baby, One & Two Handed Star, Eiffel Tower, Trapeze, Atom Smasher, Punching Bag.

The booklet also included a bonus section on performing tricks using the Duncan Freehand yo-yo.
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Front cover, large
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