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Duncan Imperial - No. 1400
Exhibit #2652
ShapeStandard (-)
PackagingPoly Bagged with Card
ConstructionMulti-piece plastic
OwnerRick Brough

Duncan's plastic Imperial number 1400 on a black and yellow card, polybaged. The card style was one of the last designs released by the original Duncan company before going bankrupt in the mid 1960s. The Imperial--still being made today (2017) by Flambeau--has been a venerable workhorse of the Duncan product line sold around the world.

Note the upper-left corner of bag is torn off. When buying polybagged Duncan yo-yos, check to ensure that the bag is completely intact; no cuts, tears, or seam openings. Stamped gold seal on the yo-yo is probably an 8 out of 10. Not perfect but not bad either. Yo-yo 10/10; seal 8/10.

Compare the cards of the translucent red number 400 Imperial and the black and white swirl number 400 Imperial version.
Other Views
Front, large
Back, large

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