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Cheerio Cheerio 99 Champions (1939)
Exhibit #2556
OwnerRick Brough

A photograph of 4 young boys somewhere in Vancouver, B.C., each sporting a variety of Cheerio patches sewn onto their sleeveless sweaters, and three wearing Cheerio champion hats. Notice the additional Cheerio contest award patch pinned or sewn onto the cap brim worn by the third boy from the left. Such a practice was fairly common, besides having the patches sewn onto a Cheerio award sweater.

Notice also the narrow strip of soil in front of each boy created by one of their shoes. It appears the strip was used for when they performed "Walk the Dog" with their Cheerio yo-yo. The line-up of boys suggests that this photograph may have been taken during a Cheerio yo-yo class or contest

Photo taken by David Hugh Buchan. David was a newspaper photographer for the Vancouver Sun in Vancouver, B.C. He was born in Vancouver March 18, 1916, and died in North Vancouver February 3, 1979.

See the same patches and hats that the boys are wearing:
Cheerio 99 Champion shield patch
"I'm a Cheerio Champion" hat
Cheerio 99 Silver Award round patch
Cheerio 99 Bronze Award round patch
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