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Flores Yo-Yo The Wonder Toy (1929)
Exhibit #2545
OwnerRick Brough

The earliest known printed yo-yo instruction sheet. When Pedro Flores distributed this 4 panel pamphlet around 1928 or 1929, yo-yo was unknown to most people. In fact, it was still so new that the pamphlet only described one yo-yo trick--what eventually became known as the "Forward Pass". The pamphlet was devoted almost exclusively to teaching you how to accomplish the most basic skill of yo-yo play: making the yo-yo go up and down on the string. That was it!

The title page has some interesting details. It calls yo-yo "The Wonder Toy" and a "Filipino Simple Device". The "Flores" name appears in very small point size directly below the wreath image. Also of interest is the name and address of Flores' company, Yo-Yo Manufacturing Co., Granada Building, Santa Barbara, California.

While the entire text is a fascinating look into the earliest days of yo-yo play and instruction, perhaps the most interesting paragraph is on the third panel:

"After you are able to play the Yo-Yo with some degree of skill, you can order from the factory a much longer string which will enable the Yo-Yo to be played from the top of a bus, boat, or building where the player can be safe from falling himself."

Note that Flores originally spelled The Wonder Toy as "Yo-Yo".

Compare with the Duncan "Be a Champion" flyer.

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Title page, large
Panels 4 (left) and 1
Panels 2 (left) and 3

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