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Parker Official Yo-Yo Top Trick Book
Exhibit #2537
OwnerRick Brough

The Art of Yo-Yo Top playing released by Parker Brothers of Canada, "The fun and game name". T

This booklet was in English only instead of bi-lingual English and French. It included a preface statement by Al Gallo, a world yo-yo champion. In the late 60s and early 70s, Al Gallo went by the moniker "Uncle Al Gallo" on yo-yo string packs. The booklet also contains yo-yo player photographs of Gallo and others. One of the more complete trick books to have ever come out, it included a history of the yo-yo top, beginners instruction, 15 basic tricks, advanced tricks, 2 handed tricks, contest rules, tips by Parker yo-yo champions, world records, a yo-yo log diary to fill out, instructions on how to conduct your own yo-yo contests, prizes that you could win from Parker, and a membership card.

Like Flores and Duncan, Parker used the phrase "If it isn't a [Parker], it isn't a Yo-Yo Top" or "..., it isn't a Genuine Yo-Yo Top".
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