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Death by Yo-Yo Gung-Fu, 2nd gen (mini)
Exhibit #2505
ShapeConcave )-(
ConstructionMulti-piece plastic
ResponseSilicon Ring
Diameter49 mm
Weight66 gm
OwnerRick Brough

Death By Yo-Yo was a very short-lived (2007-2008) yo-yo company started by James Copley. The business was based at 2909 South Jackson Avenue, Joplin, Missouri.

The "Gung-Fu" (originally named "Fast Fu") was Death by Yo-Yo's freshman release (late 2007) and came in three iterations over the course of a year. The iteration in this exhibit is the second, sometimes known as the second generation. As with all three iterations of the Gung-Fu, its body was machined from an acetal resin known as DuPont(tm) Delrin(r). The sides of this second version were hand dyed in various colors such as green, blue, yellow, purple, and pink. Depending on the lighting, the color of the sides on the yo-yo in this exhibit can appear anywhere from pea soup green to neon yellow. Dyed Delrin tends to fade with time compared to Delrin that is originally manufactured as a solid color (usually black or white). The Gung-Fu used a size C bearing, and moved to silicone O stickers for its response by the second iteration.

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