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Duncan Genuine Duncan Yo-Yo (mini)
Exhibit #2490
TypeSpecial Release
ShapeStandard (-)
ConstructionThree piece wood
Diameter32 mm
Width17 mm
OwnerRick Brough

This is the smallest wooden yo-yo product that Duncan ever manufactured. The Tournament shaped yo-yo was painted red and had a gold stamp. Interestingly, it was available in the "Perk Up, Boy" giant novelty box card from "My Merry".

Besides the tiny Duncan yo-yo, the box card also included a miniature plastic F-86 Sabre jet model and a miniature plastic Nike-Hercules missile model, both made by Revell. The yo-yo was never sold individually. However, it was included with other similar My Merry products, such as the My Merry "Toy Closet" set.

It is likely that the card/gift set that contained this model of yo-yo is from the late 1950s to the very early 1960s because the Nike-Hercules missile--a top secret weapon developed in the 50s and capable of carrying a nuclear warhead--was not deployed until 1958.

See also Perkup Up Boy Kit Mini.
Other Views
Front, angled, large

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