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Bandai Long Sleeper award patch
Exhibit #2364
OwnerRick Brough

A long sleeper award patch from Japan. The patch is approximately the same size as a Boy Scout merit badge.

It is unknown what time qualified as a long sleeper. Bandai, in conjunction with Hyper Yomega of Japan, were sponsors of trick events at authorized Bandai yo-yo shops.

You could earn a total of 28 different trick patches. Each patch had the name of the trick embroidered on it in a stylized fashion. There was a trick patch for successfully completing a wide variety of original yo-yo tricks such as Around the World, Creeper, Loop the Loop, Tokyo Tower (better known as Eiffel Tower), Elevator, Pinwheel, Shoot the Moon, Double or Nothing, and Split the Atom.

See also the Bandai Official Trick Cards exhibit.

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