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Duncan Jeweled Tournament - repro. v.1
Exhibit #2174
TypeSpecial Release
ShapeStandard (-)
PackagingDisplay Boxed
ConstructionOne piece wood
ConditionMint in Package
OwnerRick Brough

Frrom the Duncan website, 1999:

"While the earliest Jeweled models were oversized contest prizes from the 1930s, this limited edition is a reissue of the first yo-yo to have the word "Jeweled" stamped on the side: the 1953 Duncan Jeweled Model 101. With its four glittering jewels on each side (front and back), this yo-yo became an icon of the era, and inspired envy everywhere.
This limited edition black Duncan Jeweled was available only through the Duncan web site. It is made of the same hardrock maple as the original. It comes in a clear plastic display case with the "1955 Yo-Yo Trick Book" and a display card featuring a reproduction of the artwork from the original counter display box, which makes a great backdrop for showing off your Duncan Jeweled. [Supposedly] 25,000 of the black Duncan Jeweled Yo-Yos were produced. Each yo-yo is individually numbered on the non-printed side to further increase its collectible value.

--Gold foil logo matches original 1953 design, except for addition of the word "Vintage" which identifies this collectible re-issue.
--The four glittering Jewels come from the same Austrian factory that Duncan used in the 1950s.
--Jewels are the original size, PP32, which means 4mm across and pointed on both sides.
--When spinning, the Jewels make glittering circles that shine brightly against the gloss black finish.

--As on the original, the back features the four Jewels against the gloss black finish, for maximum contrast.
--Each Yo-Yo in this special collectible re-issue will have its individual number stamped on this side, for easy authentication.
--Please note: Individually numbered Jeweled Yo-Yos are shipped at random. Duncan cannot guarantee the serial number you receive.

--Included is a special display card, featuring a reproduction of the artwork from the original 1953 counter display box. It makes a classic background for displaying the Jeweled.
--On the reverse side of the display card is a history of the Duncan Jeweled Yo-Yo, so that you can share its story and significance with your friends.
--Also included is the "1955 Yo-Yo Trick Book," a reprint of Duncan's classic "The Art of Yo-Yo Playing - How to Master Championship Tricks" first published in 1947.

Unfortunately, just as many vintage Duncan yo-yos suffered quality issues such as poor stamps, imperfect painting, chips, nicks, grind marks, and so on, more than 40 years later, many of the reproduction versions were also marred by quality issues. In this exhibit, notice the incomplete gold-foil stamp of the letter "D" in Duncan, and the blob of dried glue on the opposite side.

Original retail price: $25 US.

Collected October 5, 1999.

This reproduction yo-yo was later sold on a reproduced vintage card that came out in April, 2003.
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