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Yomega Gemini Gyro
Exhibit #2149
AxleTransaxle - Plastic
PackagingBubble Carded
ConstructionMulti-piece plastic
ConditionMint in Package
OwnerRick Brough

A Yomega PowerSpin body with transaxle system and a "power converter" for top play and replaceable flash discs for visual effect. You can configure the toy as either a traditional yo-yo or as a top.

The instructions to convert the yo-yo to a "Gemini top" were as follows:

"1. Unscrew yo-yo and remove spool and string, leaving string attached to spool.
2. Screw "power converter" snugly into hole on inside surface of yo half to make a top. Choose a "flash disc", slide over power converter, and press flat against surface of top."

This model was protected under two U.S. patents:

- Patent 4895547 assigned January 23, 1990 to Leonard R. Amaral of Swansea, MA for a "Superior performance yo-yo".

- Patent 5017172 assigned May 21, 1991 to C. Vaughn Seifert of Boxboro, MA, for a "Convertible yo-yo and toy".

The Gemini Gyro was the third version after its initial release in 1990. The previous two versions had different packaging and accessories such as additional flash discs. Also, this third version was the last release of the toy that could be used as a yo-yo or a top. Yomega's next release of the "Gemini Gyro" was a dedicated gyroscope.
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