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Cheerio The Art of Yo-Yo Playing (1955)
Exhibit #2027
OwnerRick Brough

Cheerio-produced "The Art of Yo-Yo Playing" booklet containing 40 tricks for 15¢.

This booklet contained five different photographs that accompanied the text. It also included caricature drawings of Mr. Yo-Yo performing the various tricks that are described. What is notable is the original names of the tricks, some of which people have tried to rename over the years.

One part of the Preface section contains questionable information. It describes -- in a different font and point size from the rest of the booklet -- Canadian World War II "veterans" who were supposedly yo-yo champions prior to the War. Yet these unknown Canadian yo-yoing veterans apparently served in the exact same war theaters and held the exact same military ranks as their well-known American yo-yoing veterans described in the 1950 and 1947 editions of the Duncan trick booklet by the same name. One can only surmise that the veterans described in the Canadian Cheerio version were completely fictitious. Why Cheerio copied the American version and made false claims of Canadian war heroes to kids is not clear. Maybe they thought no one would notice... or, more likely, not care.

Most of the remaining text in the Preface and History sections is identical to the text in the Preface and History sections of Duncan's 1950 and 1947 trick booklets. There are a few obvious changes in some sentences to "Canadian-ize" the text and also insert the Cheerio brand name.

Ironically, the Cheerio membership card on the outside back cover is for joining "The Cheerio Clubs of America". But, on the opposite side of the card, there is a space to write the name of your Province. The middle portion -- just above the membership card -- was filled out and kept by a Cheerio representative. Booklets that have the membership card intact -- free from any handwriting -- are uncommon and valued higher.

Note the sequence of Cheerio awards listed from left to right near the bottom of the membership card.
Other Views
Close-up, front cover
Membership card
Photographs in booklet
Preface and History sections

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