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Revolution Enterprises Rev G
Exhibit #1980
ShapeConcave )-(
PackagingDisplay Boxed
ConditionMint in Package
OwnerRick Brough

"World's first [and only] aerospace graphite yo-yo - perimeter weighting for maximum spin performance - on the fly adjustment - high performance Rev G finger loop - machined axle - high speed precision roller bearing."

Revolution Enterprises is known primarily for their kite and kite frame manufacturing. And while other kite makers also entered the yo-yo business in the late 90s, such as SpectraStar, Revolution was the only one to release a highly unique, composite yo-yo.

Following the yo-yo's release in 1999, some complained about its performance and handling. Yet despite its poor reception in the yo-yo playing world, the Rev G was clearly ahead of its competitors with regard to innovation, design, and materials composition. There was no other yo-yo like it at the time. Because of that, it remains a highly collectable piece of yo-yo history today.

On July 20, 1999, Joseph R. Hadzicki of Coronado, CA, and David H. Hadzicki of Poway, CA were awarded U.S. Design patent 412188 for this yo-yo. Then, on September 5, 2000, the same two gentlemen were awarded U.S. patent 6113456 - Ultra performance modular yo-yo with string finger guard. You can see part of the finger guard just to the upper-right of the yo-yo rim in the picture above.

Original retail price: $68 US.

Of interest...
Over the years yo-yo makers have tried various methods to alleviate "Yo-Yo Finger"; the pain caused by prolonged wear of a yo-yo string around your finger. Here are a few variations that have appeared on the market since about the early 1980s:

• Doble - Suede finger strap
• Duncan - Swivel-Eze
• Revolution Enterprise - Sweet Loops
• YoCorp - SuperSling, ver. 2
• YoCorp - SuperSling, ver. 1
• YoYo Zone - Grip String
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