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D&H Enterprises Raptor flywheel
Exhibit #1756
ShapeH Shape
PackagingBubble Carded
ConstructionMulti-piece aluminum
ConditionMint in Package
Number Produced250
OwnerRick Brough

This "handheld flywheel" takes its name from the three piercing talon-like spokes that define the body of this yo-yo.

"Each piece is individually engraved on the inside face with a year mark, unique serial number, and name."

At the time, the serial number runs were the following:
-Red Raptor: Serial Numbers Available 1-250
-Blue Cutlass: Serial Numbers Available 1-250
CURRENT YEARMARKS: 1999 - 9 Point Star with the Number '9' in the center.

"This is a CNC machined, T-6061 aircraft aluminum yo-yo. They are uniquely styled, precision machined and also play smooth as silk. The axle is made of a precision ball bearing that is pressed onto a stainless steel stud and fitted into a rolled threaded axle hole. The design significantly reduces body wobble and was designed for long sleep times (with a talented wrist and proper adjustment, one minute sleep is easily achieved.) The engineered body gap and taper provide excellent responsiveness. This yo-yo is also provided with .006" and .014" shims to optimize the body gap and change the return characteristics so beginners and experts alike can set it up for their own personal tastes. Hard anodized brilliant red on one side, and silver finish on the other. Everyone from the guy who just wants one to put it on his desk or hang in his shop, to the serious yo-yo enthusiast will treasure these."

Original retail price: $80 US.

Collected May 13, 2000

At one point, D&H Enterprises made prototypes of three additional yo-yo designs and posted teaser pictures of them. But to my knowledge they were never officially released. Under "Other Views", click "Three prototypes" to see the radical halve designs.
Other Views
Three prototypes

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