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B.I.S.T. Clock
Exhibit #1696
ShapeH Shape
FinishPowder Coated
ColorBlack and white
Diameter54.05 mm
Width28.10 mm
Gap Width3.05 mm
Weight54.6 g
Number Produced50
OwnerRick Brough

An unusual yo-yo: there is no hub, no bearing, and no separate axle. Made from a single chunk of aluminum much like the wooden one-piece ProYo Speedster. There is a stock response system of half a Dif-e-yo pad on one halve, but I'm unsure how they got it attached. It would be difficult to replace the pad. String gap is a fixed width. Came packaged in a grey velvet bag; yo-yo only, no string.

Besides being a one-piece aluminum yo-yo, it is made even more unique with a hole in the center... just like a Lifesaver candy.

B.I.S.T. or Best Italian Spinning Tools made their debut in 2009 but quickly disappeared from the yo-yo scene a few years later. They were often known for creating only prototypes of yo-yos with very unique designs--that is, designs that were never put into production, such as the smallest metal ball bearing yo-yo in the world.

Original retail price: $40 US.

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