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Duncan Expert - Coca-Cola
Exhibit #1657
OwnerRick Brough

Coca-Cola Expert cloth patch probably from around the late 1950s. The mess of white stitching below the Coca-Cola logo is not legible and is not a mistake because it appears on similar patches. The red background around Coca-Cola is entirely embroidered; very unusual for these types of patches.

This patch is one of three Coca-Cola patches that were being awarded at the time. Under Other Views, select "Coca-Cola trio" to see additional picture.

See also the following trio of "yellow" Coca-Cola Duncan patches:
Champion - Coca-Cola
Expert - Coca-Cola
Winner - Coca-Cola

Hard to find.

Besides the Expert - Coca-Cola shield patch in this exhibit, Duncan also made the following Expert patches in a shield shape:
Expert - 1958
Expert - 1959

(There also exists a reduced size version of this same patch. Its size is 83 mm top to bottom.)
Other Views
Coca-Cola trio

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