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Tom Kuhn Custom Yoyo String
Exhibit #1099
OwnerRick Brough

At one time, when Tom Kuhn yo-yos were originally made in San Francisco, California, their spare yo-yo string came on small wooden spools (60 foot). This method of packaging let you measure and cut just the right length -- from the floor to about three inches below your belly button x two. For example, if you measured 32" x 2 = 64" of string to cut. The string was then doubled over on itself and knotted at the open ends to create the finger loop. In this example, you could create about 11 yo-yo strings per spool.

Original retail price: 79 cents US

Today, Tom Kuhn yo-yo string is made in Mexico and pre-cut to a specific length. The string is then packaged five to a branded, small plastic bag, and then sealed.

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