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Welcome to the Museum of Yo-Yo History
Barney AkersYou have found the most comprehensive archive of yo-yo images, historical memorabilia, and information in the world. Whether you're a long-time yo-yo collector, or just looking for that long lost treasure from your childhood, this is the place. In our searchable database, you will find images and information on both vintage and modern yo-yos, clothing and patches, art, and articles about famous people in yo-yo history.

Like all museums, we focus here upon the relics and artifacts which tell the story of the world's most treasured and enduring toy.
Enjoy your visit to our Museum. We currently have 3243 exhibits and are adding new ones all the time, so be sure to stop back often!

Collectors, please join our team and become a curator, using the handy form on the left.
Help us fill in the missing gaps in the history of the Yo-Yo.

Need information about your vintage collectibles, or looking for buyers? Please send questions and comments to curator@yoyomuseum.com.

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