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Tom Kuhn Turbo-Yo
The TurBo Yo shown above is one of 39 Prototypes of the first Ball Bearing Yo-yo.

In 1990 I had heard that Tom Kuhn was making a Yo-yo that would change the way people played with a Yo-yo. I had visited Tom's place in San Francisco several times, and had met Tom at the shop. I called him and asked about his new innovation, and how soon I could get one. Tom offered me a chance to get one of the Prototypes

The package I received was much more than I expected. Anyone who reads the letter that Tom sent will see there was much more involved in this project than engineering, and the pursuit of Yo-yo sales. Tom's love for the Yo-yo and his pursuit of excellence shows both in the Yo-yo, and in his words. There is nothing more I can say that will add to what follows.

Thanks Tom

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