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YoYoFactory Catch 22 (2022) (mini)
Exhibit #4447
TypeSpecial Release
ShapeConcave )-(
ResponseCBC Slim Pad
Gap Width4.62mm
Number Produced200
OwnerRick Brough

From yoyofactory.com:
"Released in 2009 the original Catch 22 was a design experiment that changed modern yo-yos forever. The zero inner high wall, bimetal construction was a precursor to the next decade of yo-yo design.

For 2022 we are not reinventing the wheel, just perfecting it! We kept it pretty simple replicating the profile of the original in a full titanium body. Using lessons learned since the original release, we took advantage of low friction [black] POM for the zero wall which ultimately leads to superior playing performance.

It's fast, agile, and a lot of fun.

For the collector, yo-yo serial number matches the custom made waterproof, crushproof, dirtproof Pelican case, one of the finest packages we have ever offered."

Officially released February 22, 2022 (2/22/22). Pre-released February 4, 2022. The pre-release ordering process let you choose from 90 non-contiguous (random) serial numbers. The total production run was 200 pieces.

The matching serial numbers on all the yo-yos and cases in the Catch 22 2022 release were a bit confusing. YoYoFactory's website gave no information about them either. The serial number on the yo-yo in this exhibit is "021-22-13-2021". Here is how I think the serial number breaks down:

• "021" – The yo-yo's exclusive serial number. Engraved only on this yo-yo and its metal case label.
• "22" – May be either the number from "Catch 22" or the year it was released. Engraved on all 200 yo-yos and metal case labels.
• "13" – It is unknown what this number represented. Engraved on all 200 yo-yos and metal case labels.
• "2021" – May be the year of Catch 22's manufacture. The yo-yo was not released until February 2022. Engraved on all 200 yo-yos and metal case labels.

Diameter: 50.6mm
Width: 37.5mm
String gap: 4.62mm
Bearing: Size C
Response: 19mm slim pads
Weight: 65.6gm
Material: Titanium

Original retail price: $430 US.

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Other Views
Profile and internals
Side, angled, large
Case, closed and opened
Miniature engravings

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