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Duncan Imperial - Duncan Equals Love comic - 2 of 4
Exhibit #4431
ShapeStandard (-)
ColorRed, translucent
PackagingBubble Carded
ConstructionMulti-piece plastic
OwnerRick Brough

The standard plastic, translucent red Duncan Imperial yo-yo with one of four mini comics included. Despite the copyright date of 2006 on the card back, this model and accompanying mini-comic book was released in 2007.

From Toy News International:
"Duncan Introduces Mini-Comic Booklet Promotion
by Jay Cochran

January 24, 2007

Where did Duncan characters originate? Find out now! Duncan has a rich history and a tradition of making classic toys fun. From spin tops and footbags to yo-yos and juggling equipment, Duncan has done it all. On the first of January, 2007, Duncan will continue that tradition with the release of four mini-comic booklets.

From [January 1, 2007] until April 1, 2007 [or until supplies last], Duncan will include 3 x 4 inch, full-colored mini-comic booklets with all packaged Imperial and Butterfly yo-yo assortments. Each comic booklet will be (8) pages, and will feature one of each of Duncan’s proprietary characters, including Duncan’s Flying Squirrel™, Duncan Man™, the Dice Head Guy™, and everyone's favorite, Mongu™!!

The history of each character is unveiled within each comic booklet. Mike Burke, Duncan’s National Sales and Marketing Manager noted, 'Just like other comic book series’, it’s always really interesting to have read the very first issue of each character, such as Spider-Man* or Batman**. You get a taste of who they were before heroes, and how they became heroes. The same applies to our heroes, except laced with yo-yo play.'

In addition to the actual storyline, Duncan’s mini-comic booklets will include web specials, information on other Duncan products, and a cool yo-yo trick. The collectible group of four mini-comic booklets will create many smiles and more fun than the faint of heart can handle."

Mini-comic book titles in the series of four included the following:
• #1 - Opportunity Knocks
• #2 - Duncan Equals Love (seen in this exhibit)
• #3 - The Transformation
• #4 - Born to Fly

Diameter: 58mm
Width: 34mm
Weight: 47.71gm
Material: Polycarbonate

Original retail price: $4 US.

DOWNLOAD PDF (2.88 MB) to see the full mini comic pages. Best viewed using Adobe Acrobat 10 or later.
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Package front, large
Package back, large

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