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YoYoFactory 45 - 2021, debut (mini)
Exhibit #4381
ShapeConcave )-(
PackagingDisplay Boxed
ResponseCBC Slim Pad
OwnerRick Brough

From yoyofactory.com
"Imagination took a leap forward with the naming of the follow-up to 44 with the 45! Machined and assembled in the USA, it's a pocket-sized fingerspinner that offers so much more for play than you could expect from its weight. Uses a patented large Center-Trac bearing and 19mm pads for response."

At the time, YoYoFactory had not yet chosen their stock build colors for the 45, so they let you choose custom color combos at the time you placed your order directly from their namesake website. Body choice was blue or red acid wash; side cap choice was clear (frosted), black, white, green, or pink. You were allowed to choose the body color and side cap color that you wanted. You could also choose a half swap body (half blue, half red) with certain side cap colors.

Notice that this released production version did not having engraving any where on the yo-yo; no company name or yo-yo name. That omission is quite uncharacteristic for YoYoFactory. Given that the "45" was released December 9, 2021, I suspect that YoYoFactory wanted to capitalize on holiday sales and decided to skip the engraving (or perhaps the engraving was not going to be done in time before Christmas). That theory is based on the fact that in January 2022, YoYoFactory officially re-released the "45" model–again– but this time with "YoYoFactory" engraved on the outside of one rim, and "45" engraved on the opposite rim. (You could not, however, select the body color and side cap color combination that you wanted; they were pre-defined at the time of purchase.)

First released December 9, 2021.

Diameter: 47.75mm
Width: 38.77mm
Weight: 45.2gm
Bearing: Size C, Center Trac
Axle: M4 × 10mm
Response: 19mm slim pads
Body material: 6061 aluminum
Side cap material: Plastic
Designed and manufactured entirely in the USA.

Original retail price: $45 US.

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