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Kyo Toys Alph 7075
Exhibit #4380
ShapeConcave )-(
ColorPolished 7075 aluminum
ConstructionMulti-piece aluminum
Gap Width3.79mm
OwnerRick Brough

The Kyo Alph, released November 2006, is a bowtie flywheel (aka butterfly) made out of 7075 aluminum. The shape is identical to the Kyo TiPhiter 2 that was made out of titanium. The response pads used on this unresponsive yo-yo are thin (0.015") Dif-Pads. The thin pad means they are flush with the metal, making the Alph less responsive. Dif-Pads also come in a thick (0.30") variety.

From YoYoNation website:
"Have you wanted the ultra-limited edition TiPhiter2 Titanium yo-yo by Kyle Weems (aka Kyo), but couldn't afford the $300.00 USD price tag?

Well, the Kyo Alph yo-yo is your chance to play with one that's modeled exactly after the TiPhiter2 yo-yo, but instead of titanium, it is manufactured in the more affordable 7075 aluminum.

The '7075' aluminum the Alph yoyo uses is harder, more difficult to scratch, and makes the yo-yo feel high-end.

In terms of play, it uses two flush mounted Dif-Pads for response, giving you the ability to customize your response from the variety of pads available. To add to the customization options, the Alph yo-yo uses a large "YoYoJam type" bearing. This means that you can switch the stock bearing with a Dif-E-Yo KonKave bearing or a large sized YoYoFactory Dorothy bearing! Lastly, it weighs just around 70 grams, a very popular weight for string trick play."

The Alph was hand-engraved with "ALPH266KYO". The sticker affixed to its storage can also featured the same text and serial number.

Diameter: 53.41mm
Width: 42.51mm
Weight: 69.20gm
String gap: 3.79mm
Bearing: Size C
Material: 7075 aluminum
Response: Dif-E-Yo Dif-Pads

Original retail price: $80 US
Other Views
Profile and internals
Engraving close-up
Side, angled, large
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