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Out of Hand Metric
Exhibit #4357
ConstructionMulti-piece aluminum
ResponseCBC Slim Pad
OwnerRick Brough

From Out of Hand:
"The Metric by OutofHand of Norway is a yo-yo that doubles as a measuring tool. It's a slim yo-yo design that feels good in your pocket because of the big surface area. I am very interested in clever pocket tools and objects with multiple functions, and because this is meant to be an everyday-carry type of pocket yo-yo, I thought it would be cool to have a handy tool integrated. Apart from measuring straight lines, the Metric yo-yo can also measure curved lines, which a regular straight ruler can't do. To roll it, place your thumb and index finger on the sides holes and put slight downward pressure on it so it doesn't slip while rolling. You can also roll it with your palm on top of the yo-yo. The ruler goes clockwise on one side and counterclockwise on the other side. It also has a mark for every 10 centimeters which makes it easy to count how many times you roll it. Five revolutions = 1 meter.

The yo-yo is lightweight and slim, but it's surprisingly easy to hit tricks on despite its narrow profile. I think that the large diameter makes it easier to hit the string compared to a small diameter with the same width. It does not spin forever, which is a good thing, in my opinion. That provides both a challenge and makes you more aware on how you execute your tricks. I have no trouble hitting all my tricks on this yo-yo.

A grade version
Diameter: 63.6mm
Width: 30mm
Circumference: 200mm (20 centimeters, or 0.2 meters, or 0.0002 kilometers)
Weight 59.5gm
Bearing: generic center trac C-bearing
Pads: 19mm
Axle: 8mm
Material: 6061 aluminum
Blasted outside, shiny inside.

--------------------------- A grade versus B grade -----------------------

The B grades have a tiny anodizing flaw on the inside near the rim. It is not visible when the yo-yo is screwed together. It's just a tiny watermark.

All the yellows are A grade. Only one black is A grade, and only three Black&Yellows are A grade


Due to its large diameter and complicated shape this was a very expensive yo-yo to manufacture compared to my previous designs. I had to change to a new manufacturer that could handle large diameter yo-yos, and that was able to laser engrave black on yellow. Therefore it's only 50 yo-yos made in total. All the yellows are A grade. Only one black is A grade, and only three Black&Yellows are A grade [one of them seen in this exhibit).

To all Americans who want the Imperial system instead of the metric system, I am sorry, but that will never happen. The Imperial yo-yo already exists and the Imperial measuring system does not make sense, especially for this design :)

Morten Jensen VĂ„gen - OutofHand yoyos Norway"

Released November 08, 2021. Came wrapped in tissue paper only; no box or other packaging.

Original retail price: $85 US for A grade version; $80 US for B grade version.
Other Views
Side angled, large
Outer faces

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