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Unknown Maker Yo-Yo beverage bottle
Exhibit #4347
OwnerRick Brough

Yo-Yo pale green glass beverage bottle, eight inches tall. Pressed facets on the outside circumference of the bottle's base. From information I've been able to gather, I'm led to believe that the bottle is likely from the 1920s or 1930s and sold by either Orange Dandy Co. Ltd. of Toronto, Ontario, or by the New York Soda and Seltzer Co. of Norfolk, Virginia. Lots of conflicting information on websites about the drink it contained, where and when it was made, and how much it cost. Some have suggested it is Yo-Yo OLA (a type of cola drink) probably due, in part, to vintage bottle caps printed with "Yo-Yo OLA" being sold on eBay, but that is unconfirmed by any primary source. Plus, the logo/text printed on the bottle cap does not match, even close, the logo on the bottle.

The bottle itself has considerable heft. Combine that with seven ounces of liquid in it, the bottle would have been heavy to hold. One side of the bottle is embossed with "REGISTERED" in raised characters, while the bottom face of the bottle has the following raised embossing:


The markings suggest that Yo-Yo was a registered trade mark in either Canada or the USA. I wish I knew how the name "Yo-Yo" came to be used on the bottle. Was there any connection with the toy? One can only speculate. Still, a fun and odd piece of "yo-yo" memorabilia!
Other Views
Bottle, large
Close-up of face emboss
Bottom face emboss
Registered emboss

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