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Playmaxx/ProYo Ace (mini)
Exhibit #4346
ShapeConcave )-(
ColorRust Red
PackagingPoly Bagged with Card
ConstructionMulti-piece aluminum
ResponseBrake Pad
OwnerRick Brough

The original Playmaxx ProYo Ace was essentially a miniature butterfly version of the Playmaxx Cold Fusion GT model. It featured a size A ball bearing axle. One halve was anodized a beautiful rust red color; the other halve was anodized in black. The face of the rust red-colored halve has the "ProYo Ace proyo.com" imprint while the black halve face is blank. Came with one extra set of cork response pads, and one pack of ProYo white cotton strings.

This original Ace was slightly different compared to the ProYo Ace II that came out a year or two later. This version used special, thinner cork response pads, and had a marginally narrower string gap.

The yo-yo was covered by US Patents 5,813,897, 5,813,898, and 5,951,361.

Diameter: 44.45mm
Width: 29.72mm
Weight: 51gm
Material: 6061 aluminum
Bearing: Size A
Response: BPT (cork pads)

Original retail price: $24 US.

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Other Views
Side A, large
Close-up of face, side A
Side B, large

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