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Duncan Giant Book of Yo-Yo & Spin Top Tricks (1973)
Exhibit #4320
OwnerRick Brough

The "new" giant book of yo-yo and spin top tricks, by Flambeau Products Corporation of Baraboo, Wisconsin, 29 pages.

Pre-printed with a price of 50¢.

The topics and traditional yo-yo tricks covered in the booklet include the following:

• Getting your yo-yo ready
• How to wind your yo-yo
• The Spinner
• The Forward Pass
• Buzz Saw
• Sleeping Beauty
• Over the Falls
• Pickpocket
• The Break-Away
• Around the Corner
• Man on the Flying Trapeze
• Loop the Loop
• Thread the Needle
• Around the World
• Through the Subway
• The Rattlesnake
• Walking the Dog
• The Elephants Trunk
• The Creeper
• Double or Nothing
• Rocking the Baby
• Skyrocket
• Three Leaf Clover
• Texas Cowboy
• Monkey Climbing the String
• The Pinwheel
• Home Run
• Bank Deposit
• How to Run Your Yo-Yo Contest
• Product listing

Of interest...
Compare the front and back covers of this edition with the covers seen in the 1961 edition.
Other Views
Book cover, back, large
Book cover, front, large

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