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The Museum of Yo-Yo History is a labor of love, and we would not be able to stay up-to-date with exhibits without the support of our sponsors and curators. Big thanks go to One Drop Design and Duncan for supplying us with their latest models, YoYoExpert for their help and support, and to Cody Orr, TotalArtist and YoYoBrothers™ for allowing us to use their collections!

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Spintastics Tigershark, version 4 (glow)
Exhibit #4266
ShapeConcave )-(
ColorGlow in the dark
ConstructionMulti-piece plastic
OwnerRick Brough

From spintastics.com:
"BALL BEARING AXLE. A ball bearing axle means that you get extra long spin times to do more yoyo tricks, easier. Much better than grandpa’s old fixed axle yo-yo.

DESIGNED BY A CHAMPION. Designed by yo-yo world champion Dale Oliver.

IT’S TOUGH. Strong plastic holds up and lasts. Take apart design to get out string knots.

RESPONSIVE DESIGN. Designed to wake up when you tug the string like a traditional yo-yo. Includes a yo-yo string.

FLARED GAP SHAPE. Fits well in your hand. Gives you lots of stability. Spins Longer. Easier to catch on the string for tricks like the Trapeze."

The yo-yo was the first to use extra rim-weights for longer spins. This Tigershark is version 4. That is, the fourth generation of the Tigershark yo-yo. Compared to previous versions, this version is slightly lighter, uses a less aggressive starburst, and thicker spacers. It features longer spins, and a smoother string tricking but still responsive to regeneration. Unscrews for easy tangle release.

Diameter: 56.8mm
Width: 32.5mm
Weight: 57.2gm
Response: Starburst
Bearing: Size E
Material: Polycarbonate

Original retail price: $18 US.

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