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Lorenzo Giliberto Oh-Yo
Exhibit #4222
OwnerRick Brough

From the Oh-Yo Kickstarter web page:
"Welcome to our new kickstarter project!

Meet Oh-Yo, the new fun kinetic toy and the perfect companion for your desk.

Made entirely with aluminum !!! [Rick: it is a one-piece, fixed axle, aluminum yo-yo]

The campaign received funding of 29,089 Euros from 696 backers and was completely funded on January 14, 2021.

Usually I work all day at my desk, so sometimes I need to stop 5 minutes to 'reboot' my brain and I thought to do something about it. So I needed something fun but at the same time an object that looks modern and cool on my desk.

When I was kid I used to play with my yoyo, so I thought why not create a new concept of it? After many attempts and prototypes I found the right combination between toy and design.

3D Projected and the design is manufactured with great precision out of a solid piece of metal, with the absence of material waste. I concluded that the desirable metal to use was aluminium, due to its light weight nature it appropriately services as a Yo-yo.

After multiple attempts I found the right size for your hand.It wasn’t easy to find the perfect size, weight and even string type (very durable) to make this product as effective as it can be. However, After many failed attempts I finally found the perfect measurements of these factors.

Oh-Yo is 'Made by us' , CNC machined and proudly MADE IN ITALY ITALY with only the finest, high quality materials. Created by Lorenzo Giliberto.

The anodizing finishing process is a chemical treatment that leads to a protective oxide layer that makes it practically immune to corrosion and more resistant !!!

How did I design Oh-Yo?
I chose a simple design, with a modern physique that differs from the original Yo-yo, but is still eye catching and provokes conversation. Early on I decided that I didn’t want a logo to achieve perfect harmony and to really showcase the simplicity of this product.

I chose a simplistic Wooden box to encase my product and to directly exhibit the Oh-Yo in its finest form. The box is then secured by a seamless magnet.

We hope to commence the production process immediately after we have achieved our goal. Oh-Yo will be shipped from Italy with Express courier: no tax or custom duties required if you live in the EU!

Came in polished and unpolished aluminum versions.

Project Timeline?
• Campaign/Funding period - December 15, 2020 - January 14, 2021 (30 days)
• Funds received/Start production - January 2021
• Production/Quality control - January 2021 - February 2021
• Shipping - March 2021 - April 2021 (actual shipment occured June 2021)"

As of July 2022, you could still order the yo-yo from the project's Kickstarter website. However, in January 2023, the "ADD TO CART" button no longer worked.

The weight and overall design of the yo-yo made it impractical to use for anything but a paperweight or for going up and down on the string only.

Diameter: 60mm
Width: 15mm
Weight: 90gm (100gm with string)

Original retail price: $60 US

Extras that were added to the yo-yo order:
• Stand - 3D printed black resin stand for the Oh-Yo yo-yo (8 Euros; about $9 US)
• Carry case - semi-hard shell case with zipper (6.50 Euros)
• Customized box
• String - Black X6 string. A special string made just for the Oh-Yo yo-yo. Oh-Yo string is not a normal yo-yo string. Using a normal yo-yo string does not works with this yo-yo. The X6 string is very durable and made out of a specific fiber. (7 Euros) [Rick: The string appears to be para-cord tied to the axle]

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Side, angled, large
With string

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