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Alex Hattori Boost Squared 1.0 - Run #1 (mini) (shape)
Exhibit #4049
ConstructionMulti-piece aluminum
ResponseCBC Slim Pad
Diameter50.8 mm
Width42.4 mm
Gap Width4.0 mm
Weight65 gm
OwnerRick Brough

Alex Hattori's Boost² production version 1.0 (aka Run #1) released July 25, 2020.

From the www.alex-hattori.com website:
"The Boost Squared is a high performance, aluminum yo-yo, designed to perform as well as a square yo-yo possibly can. It's about as floaty as an SUV and as organic as an Iphone XS Max. It features a round catch zone and cup so grinds and fingerspins are easy to perform. For more information on the design process, check out this blog post! There are many noteworthy features for this yo-yo so read the disclaimer below BEFORE purchasing. Note: Engraving is only on one side.

Disclaimer: This is a unique product and is not to be confused with a typical professional yo-yo. It can actually be quite dangerous if not used with care. The buyer is liable for any damage caused to themselves, others, or property by the Boost Squared. Alex and anyone affiliated with the Boost Squared design is not responsible for any damage cause by this silly creation. Read the whole description carefully before purchasing. If you want a competitive yo-yo, you can check out the Boost Afterburner!

1) When the yo-yo is spinning, it stores a significant amount of energy and can cause pain or injury if the yo-yo engages with something too fast.

2) This yo-yo had to be manufactured using different methods than typical yo-yos. It is much more time consuming and expensive to make this design over a round yoyo and Alex didn’t want to reflect that in the price. With a new manufacturer, this run is significantly smoother. Every Boost Squared is hand tested and assembled by Alex and is entirely playable. Do not purchase if you care about vibe on a square yoyo.

3) With a new manufacturer and a new design, the surface finish is much nicer on this run. There are some small anodizing defects because this manufacturer is used to making functional robot parts instead of yo-yos. I’m an engineer and I do my graphic design in Solidworks so please look elsewhere for beautiful craftsmanship on a yo-yo. Don’t purchase if you are concerned with small anodizing flaws.

4) Due to the nature of the square shape, it is sometimes difficult to get the two halves lined up. All Boost Squared are shipped clocked correctly but once a user unscrews it, Alex cannot guarantee the user can clock the halves back perfectly. This will not affect play. Do not purchase if you will have a problem with this. That being said, Alex is happy to help assist you in re-aligning the halves. It’s not too hard.

5) It’s a square yo-yo. Don’t take this too seriously. It’s meant to be fun and silly."

• Material: 6061 aluminum
• Diameter (width): 50.8 mm
• Width: 42.4 mm
• Gap width: 4.0 mm)
• Weight: 65 gm
• Bearing: Size C (also accepts a half-spec bearing for original, responsive play)

Original retail price: $60 US.

See this yo-yo's successor, the Boost Squared 1.1, Run #2 that came out in 2021.

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