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YoYoJam Kickside / Spingear
Exhibit #4030
TypeSpecial Release
ShapeConcave )-(
ConstructionMulti-piece plastic
ResponseO-Ring/Starburst combination
Diameter55.6 mm
Width41.3 mm
GapAdjustable - Twist
Weight64.3 gm
Number Produced25
OwnerRick Brough

A US-made YoYoJam Kickside, released in 2020 version. Yo-yo came with a custom printed/made stand and sidecaps from Spingear in Japan. The yo-yo can be placed on the stand with or without the string on the yo-yo. This yo-yo and accompanying stand was sold exclusively in Japan by Spingear.

Spingear used a new technology to direct print on the sidecaps of the yo-yo; the overall quality is very good.

The Kickside is made out of polyoxymethylene, better know as POM. It uses a hybrid response system. That is, one halve was molded with a starburst response, and the other halve used a YoYoJam O-ring. The O-ring was a common response material used in their earlier models. Uses a size C ball bearing axle.

Diameter: 55.6 mm
Width: 41.3 mm
Weight: 64.3 g
Body Material: POM
Response System: Starburst and O-ring.
Bearing: Size C, flat

Original retail price: 6000 Yen; about $55 US.

From the spingear.jp website:
"The last Kickside dead stock that was sleeping in the spin gear warehouse was unearthed. It is an item that was planned and produced with the idea that it could be made into a product in an interesting form. The product is a set of acrylic stand and yo-yo.

The illustration, newly drawn by Mr. Fuji Shinsen, who has been in charge of designing the original cap for the Kickside for a long time, has been turned into an acrylic yo-yo stand! The back side UV (Ultra-Violet) printing is resistant to scratches, and the solid coloration perfectly reproduces the original color of the illustration.

When assembling the stand, the joint between the pedestal and the main body is a little tight. Just apply a very small amount of silicone oil (yo-yo oil) to make it easier to stab. Please note that it may crack if you insert it forcibly. (Sorry, cracks when inserted are not guaranteed.)

The yo-yo cap design is the Kickside Child, final version, which is the design included in the Kickside Child sidecap collection DX. It is neither the standard paper cap of the traditional Kickside Child series, nor the thick acrylic cap of the collection version.

It can be said that it is the final form in a sense, with a cap with UV printing applied from the back of the plastic plate. It's insanely beautiful. At the time of the series release, UV printing was not something that could be easily done at a general price, so I chose the YoYoJam standard paper cap. I am very happy to finally realize the form that I really wanted to do, which is now possible due to technological advances.

Please leave the actual Kickside and fine-tune the cap to the exact size before making it. However, since the Kickside itself has a slight individual difference in size, the cap may have a slight deflection, but it is a product specification.

The stand is shaped to be ideal for standing with a string wrapped around the Kickside, but any standard size yo-yo can be used to display any yo-yo. I hope you will play with your ideas.

This release is really the last Kickside stock, as it was a reserve to make an event Kickside.

Because the quantity of the main body was 25, it will be limited to 25 sets.

The number of points is limited to one per person, but if it is in stock as of April 5, 2020 you can purchase another set (2 sets in total). (Sorry for your inconvenience, but if you wish to purchase 2 sets, please purchase 1 set within 4 days and 1 set again after 5 days)."

On September 15, 2022, Spingear re-released the Keruko yo-yo stand seen in this exhibit, sans the yo-yo (the girl's shirt color was changed to red, her jacket color was changed to white, and her shoes changed to black to match her hat color). It sold for 3000 yen.
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Sides A & B, with stand
Sides A & B, angled, large
Sides A & B, face
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