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Tom Kuhn 1999 Toy Fair New York Promo
Exhibit #4006
TypeSpecial Release
ShapeStandard (-)
ConstructionThree piece wood
Estimated Value$35
OwnerChris MacGregor

The Toy Fair New York, now known as the North American International Toy Fair, is the largest toy industry trade show in the Western Hemisphere. In 1999 the yo-yos popularity was at a high point and multiple yo-yo manufacturers were present at the Toy Fair showing off their lines at their booths. The BC/What’s Next booth was no exception having a booth dedicated to both the BC/What’s Next brand and the Tom Kuhn brand. To attract attendees to their booth, and to promote both brands, two different promotional yo-yos were given out.

The first of these promotional yo-yos is an imperial shaped wooden yo-yo promoting the Tom Kuhn brand. The yo-yo has the same shape as the Maple Leaf “No Jive” woody but rather than having a gloss natural finish, this yo-yo is painted a solid blue color. One side of the yo-yo features the Tom Kuhn brand with “The Original” written about a replica of Tom Kuhn’s signature in white over an orange block with the word “YOYO” [sic]. Across the bottom of this face is the 1-800-US YOYOS phone number. The design of this side is identical to the Tom Kuhn Yin-Yang yo-yo’s brand side.

The reverse side fo this promotional yo-yo features the What’s Next brand. The design is very similar to the Tom Kuhn brand with “….. WHAT’S NEXT MFG” across the top, “The New BC YOYO” [sic] in the middle and a different toll-free number, 1-800-458-8635 in the same place as the other side.

The second 1999 Toy Fair New York promo yo-yo available at the BC/What’s Next booth was a red version of the above. The only difference between the red and the blue versions of these toy fair promo yo-yos was the branding. The red version featured only the BC/What’s Next branding.

A limited run of each of these yo-yos were produced for the Toy Fair. Many of these yo-yos went home with toy buyers for various retail establishments and have rarely appeared on eBay. This yo-yo is unique in the history of the Tom Kuhn brand; it is the only Tom Kuhn yo-yo that was intended to be given away.
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BC/What's Next branding
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