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Duncan Top Winners in Regional Yo-Yo Competition
Exhibit #3958
OwnerRick Brough

Photograph taken February 17, 1963 by M. Bates of The Times-Picayune newspaper, New Orleans, Louisiana. While the newspaper article does not state that the yo-yo competition was sponsored by Duncan, the photograph shows a Duncan Yo-Yo Champion patch on the boy (barely visible over his left shirt pocket) and girl, and each child holding a small Duncan trophy. The article also states that the regional winner won a trip to Disneyland to compete in the Duncan national finals. Duncan was the only yo-yo manufacturer to sponsor such trips.

Body text of newspaper article:
TOP WINNERS IN REGIONAL YO-YO competition Saturday at Lyon Center pose with their trophies and with Miss Margaret Vienne (center) a special assistant in charge of athletics for the New Orleans Recreation Department. They are Albert Zahn, a NORD entry and now the city champ of New Orleans (who Saturday won a trip to the nationals), and Lana Chaix [Lana Chaix Rigney, born January 1950], NORD's Wisner Playground representative, who captured highest honors among the girls.

* * *

Wins Trip to Disneyland for U.S. Finals
Albert Zahn, a New Orleans Recreation Department entry, won the top prize in regional yo-yo competition Saturday at Lyons Center.
Zahn, 6019 Gen. Diaz, from Delgado Center, won a trip to Disneyland to compete in the national finals this summer. Last week he won the city championship.
He and five other youngsters finished the regular competition in a tie and in the spinoff, he "looped" the yo-yo 240 times to defeat his nearest challenger by more than 70 "loops."
The regionals matched winners from Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Jefferson Parish and NORD [New Orleans Recreational Department]. It was hosted by NORD for the second year.

Of interest...
Download a PDF of The 1964 Duncan National Championships documentation (27.9 MB). Albert Zahn won a second trip to Disneyland in 1964 for the Spin Top championship. His name is listed on page 17 (contestant #34) of the PDF.
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