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Sponsors and Curators
The Museum of Yo-Yo History is a labor of love, and we would not be able to stay up-to-date with exhibits without the support of our sponsors and curators. Big thanks go to One Drop Design and Duncan for supplying us with their latest models, YoYoExpert for their help and support, and to Cody Orr, TotalArtist and YoYoBrothers™ for allowing us to use their collections!

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One Drop Clique 1.0 - 2019 (mini)
Exhibit #3952
ShapeConcave )-(
ColorStone Washed
ConstructionMulti-piece metal
ResponseCBC Slim Pad
Gap Width4.15mm
Weight58.4 gm
OwnerRick Brough

From the One Drop website:
"The goal: Make the best mini unresponsive yo-yo we can using standard Flow Groove response and a standard C size bearing. A mini is never expected to play quite as well as a full size so we wanted to see how close we could come. This is the Clique [1.0].

The challenge: The reason most modern yo-yos end up with diameters in the range of 50-65mm is that anything outside of that range presents certain difficulties because play characteristics don't scale. However, these difficulties can be overcome. If you go bigger, the yo-yo tends to develop "kick back" and starts to move really slow and laggy. We feel we did a pretty good job manipulating the weight distribution with the Par Avion as it has minimal "kick back" and is actually quite nimble. If you go smaller, you will either have a lighter yo-yo (possibly way too light), or you add thickness to make up the weight and then the yo-yo tends to feel like a rock on a string. One solution is to use a higher density material as a way of "hacking" the scaling problem - the increased density makes up for the lost weight.

The solution: For that reason, we choose 303 Stainless Steel. Stainless is close to three times as dense as 6061 aluminum alloy. This allows us to use a lot less material, but have the total weight be in the range where it still plays well. We have also found the total weight should scale down a but from the standard range of 60-70 grams. For the Clique [1.0], the total assembled weight is 58.4 grams.

The finish is Stone Washed.

We are releasing them in small batches and direct only from our site."

Recipe for version 1.0
• Weight: 58.4 gm
• Width: 34.4 mm
• Diameter: 43 mm
• Stock Response: 19mm Slim
• Gap Width: 4.15 mm
• Bearing Size: Large (C) stainless steel (One Drop 10 Ball Bearing)
• Alloy: 303 Stainless Steel
• Finish: Stone Washed
• Axle System: Tapped, 10 mm

Clique 1.0 was released October 2019. Compare with the One Drop Clique 1.5 released five months later in March 2020.

Original retail price: $98 US.

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Side, angled, large
One Drop Clique box

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