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Tom Kuhn Pocket Rocket - Special Edition - Bryman (mini)
Exhibit #3944
TypeSpecial Release
ConstructionMulti-piece aluminum
ResponseTurbo Disk
Diameter37.84 mm
Width22.47 mm
Weight49 gm
OwnerRick Brough

A 2005 Tom Kuhn Pocket Rocket - Special Edition. It's not clear what made this a special edition. It is identical in make to all polished aluminum Tom Kuhn Pocket Rockets that came before and since this model. The only difference is the Tom Kuhn Special Edition 2005 engraving on side B; all other standard production, aluminum Tom Kuhn Pocket Rockets had a blank side B.

Also, this edition is engraved with BRYMAN LLC • PATENT #US 6331132 B1; again, all other standard production, aluminum Tom Kuhn Pocket Rockets were engraved with [YEAR] PATENT #US 6331132 B1. It would seem that the Bryman LLC detail alone would hardly make it a special edition. It is not clear why just this edition was engraved with Bryman LLC. The business was a domestic limited liability company (a domestic LLC) whose initial Department of State filing date was June 21, 2005. Their business address in 2005 was 4 Rule Drive, Arcade, New York, which also happened to be the same address as What's Next Manufacturing. One theory is that mid 2005 was about the timeframe that What's Next took over the Tom Kuhn brand. Bryman LLC may have served, among many other things, as the business name during the interim while it was transitioning from What's Next Mfg. to Tom Kuhn. Obviously there is much more to the Bryman LLC than my simplistic view and understanding.

The engraving on the face of side A -- near the 6:00 position -- has varied several times since the Pocket Rocket was first introduced by BC/What's Next Mfg. in 1999:

2000 through 2004 - Engraved with WHAT'S NEXT MFG., followed by the yo-yo's unique serial number and pat. pend. just below that.

2007, 2010, 2011, 2014 - Engraved with the year followed by the patent number (serial number was engraved above this information).

This special edition is the only model engraved with Bryman LLC.

Original What's Next Mfg., Inc. description from their website:

"The Tom Kuhn Pocket Rocket made out of aluminum [not to be confused with the Tom Kuhn Pocket Rocket made out of wood] is a high performance mini yo-yo made from high-grade aluminum alloys and precision machined to be a top-notch performer -- not just novelty items. Our newest sensation comes from the brilliant mind of Dr. Tom Kuhn, the undisputed innovator of modern yo-yos. At just an inch and a half in diameter, the Pocket Rocket is the sleekest yo-yo you can get your hands on. These highly prized, works of art are not only esthetic jewels but cleverly engineered miniature yo-yos designed to entice the beginner to improve, while challenging the advanced players to test their limits. What sets the Pocket Rocket apart from any other miniature yo-yos is its high performance, precision ball bearing axle -- the same bearing that is used in Tom Kuhn's top of the line Silver Bullet yo-yos. The bearing provides ultra long spin times, far in excess of any other yo-yo of its size. Tricks from the fundamental to the labyrinthine can now be achieved with this miniature yo-yo."

Original retail price: $25 US

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Side A face, large
Side B face, large
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