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Yicheng Luo Kun - stainless steel (mini)
Exhibit #3933
ColorDark blue
ConstructionMulti-piece metal
ResponseSilicon Ring
Diameter27 mm
Width24.25 mm
Gap Width4.14 mm
Weight56 gm
OwnerRick Brough

Luo Yicheng is a Chinese yo-yo player and Designer who was a major promoter of the yo-yo community in China for many years. Luo was involved in many yo-yo designs including the most recent release of the Kui from YoYoFactory.

With a diameter that is only 2mm larger than the diameter of a US quarter dollar, the Kun is an undersized "mini" yo-yo with a size D bearing. The heavy rim weighting gives the yo-yo enough weight and spin power to perform modern tricks. Uses a thinner string.

The stainless steel dark blue anodized edition came packaged in a small, black metal canister with screw-on lid. No labeling on the can. Inside was the Kun yo-yo inside a small red velvet drawstring bag with metallic gold fabric near the opening, one set of extra response rings (type and size unknown), one extra axle, and extra yellow strings.

The yo-yo itself, while new, was shipped from the maker with damage, as seen in the pictures. One of the halves has some small nicks on it that were deep enough to remove some of the dark blue anodizing. I would have returned the yo-yo, but the webstore I bought it from was sold out of the dark blue edition; it was their last one. I consider the yo-yo a nine out of ten condition, unfortunately.

This model of yo-yo was available in three different materials: stainless steel, brass, and copper.

The original version of the brass version came engraved, but the stainless steel and stainless steel dark blue did not. No idea why. When the second editions came out in December 2019, all three material versions were engraved.

The Chinese character on the card is kun. A cross between saying kw-in and kw-uhn) meaning fry or small fish... small fry.

Compare to the Kun with a copper body.

Original retail price: brass, $45 US; stainless steel, $55 US; copper, $53 US; stainless steel dark blue, $67 US

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Other Views
Profile showing factory damage
Side, angled, large
Internals showing factory damage
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