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Yicheng Luo Kun - copper (mini)
Exhibit #3932
ConstructionMulti-piece metal
ResponseSilicon Ring
Diameter27 mm
Width24 mm
Gap Width4.14 mm
Weight63.65 gm
OwnerRick Brough

Luo Yicheng is a Chinese yo-yo player and Designer who was a major promoter of the yo-yo community in China for many years. Luo was involved in many yo-yo designs including the most recent release of the Kui from YoYoFactory.

With a diameter that is only 2mm larger than the diameter of a US quarter dollar or YoYoFactory Mighty Flea, the Kun is an undersized "mini" yo-yo with a size D bearing. The heavy rim weighting gives the yo-yo enough weight and spin power to perform modern tricks. Uses a thinner string.

The stainless steel version came packaged in a small, black cardboard canister with a metal rim. The yo-yo contents inside the can were sealed with a thin foil lid that you peal back to open the can. Inside was the Kun yo-yo, a card, small drawstring bag, and five extra strings. The brass version was identical except that it came in a tan colored can. See images in this exhibit.

The yo-yo was available in three different body materials: stainless steel, brass, and copper.

The stainless steel and brass versions came in the cardboard canister. The copper version, released in December 2019, came in an aluminum can with a screw-on lid that was signed on the top by the maker. A much nicer presentation than the sealed cardboard cans that came out during its initial release in September 2019. Also, the original version of the brass edition came engraved, but the stainless steel edition did not. No idea why. When their second editions came out in December, all stainless steel, brass, and copper versions were engraved.

The Chinese character on the card is k?n (a cross between saying kw-in and kw-uhn) meaning fry or small fish... small fry.

Compare to the Kun with stainless steel body.

Original retail price: brass, $45; stainless steel, $55; copper, $53

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Other Views
Internals and profile
Sides A and B, angled and face
Sealed cans containing the brass and stainless steel editions
Complete contents of copper edition

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