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Unknown Maker BOYDS
Exhibit #3931
ShapeStandard (-)
PackagingBubble Carded
ConstructionMulti-piece aluminum
ConditionMint in Package
OwnerRick Brough

A heavy aluminum bodied yo-yo that came out in the late 1990s, early 2000's. The manufacturer of this obscure model is unknown. Also unknown is the axle type and whether you could take it apart similar to a Tom Kuhn Silver Bullet 2 yo-yo. The Profile picture suggests that it was made with aluminum shells over a plastic core. But, given its weight, that is not likely. Back of card is blank.

There is a claim made that this yo-yo was manufactured by the late Boyd Coddington, a famous custom hot rod builder and wheel maker. At one point, a BOYDS yo-yo -- blister-mounted on a card with a black and white partial image of a hot rod printed on it (looked like a second or third generation photocopy) -- was sold at auction. The seller claimed that the yo-yo was given by Mr. Coddington as a gift to his employees. They also claimed that the yo-yo "... is sealed in a blister pack with a season's greetings from Boyd's to employees." These claims were never verified by any reliable sources. Even the yo-yo's mounting card did not have any "season's greetings" on it nor was such a salutation included with the yo-yo as the seller claimed. In September 2021, I wrote to Jo Coddington, widow of the late Boyd Coddington, and also to Boyd Coddington Wheels asking about the yo-yo. Neither replied to my request for more information.

Looking at this yo-yo from a licensing and copyright perspective, if this yo-yo were a Boyd Coddington product, his full name would have been engraved on the yo-yo or printed somewhere on the mounting card. Similar to how Tom Kuhn is the brand name of yo-yos, not Toms. Tom's brand name appears on nearly every Tom Kuhn yo-yo. But, such legalese information is completely missing from both the yo-yo and the card. It is also non-existent on other packaged versions of this exact same yo-yo. Furthermore, BOYDS is not spelled with an apostrophe (as in BOYD'S) to make the first name singular, possessive. And even if it was, there exist more than one "Boyd" in North America. The spelling appears to be a last name. Interestingly, there was a sportswear and accessories company called "Boyds" (without the apostrophe "S") based in Kilmarnock, Virginia from the same time as this yo-yo. Regardless, it is not clear who made this yo-yo, where it was made, or how it was retailed. It is all generic, minimal information on the packaging. I have seen this exact same yo-yo sold blister-carded under a different retailer's name. I have seen it sold in a clear plastic box with just "Aluminum Yo-Yo" printed on the card insert; nothing else. I have also seen it sold stand-alone. And finally, at Boyd Coddington Wheels, each wheel they make is engraved with a replica of Boyd Coddington's signature. If this yo-yo was intended to advertise that wheel brand, Boyd's own full signature would have also been engraved on it. Not just BOYDS in a narrow, sans serif block font.

All these clues suggest that this yo-yo was never commissioned, produced, nor sold by Boyd Coddington. As to who actually made the yo-yo, that remains a mystery.

Original retail price: $ US.

Know anything more about this yo-yo that comes from a reliable source? Write to us at the museum!
Other Views
Package front, large
Engraved Boyds

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